Window Dresser Award

The display window is the face of every shop and the first point of contact with customers. The window piques interest, stimulates emotion, and invites the viewer to open the door and go inside. Today, creative window display design and innovative decorating is more important than ever. Stiff competition, excessive supply, and mass production are factors affecting shopping destinations the world over. Shop windows are an invaluable platform for putting products in the limelight, giving retailers the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition—which includes the booming market of online retail.


After more than 50 applications, more than 2500 votes cast and a launch event with more than 300 guests in attendance, PREMIUM is especially delighted to announce the winners of this year’s PREMIUM WINDOW DRESSER AWARD:

Cris M Faber, “Moiré” window design.

Working as a stylist primarily in the advertising world, Cris knows the fashion industry inside out. She is currently focusing on the decoration of window displays.
The winning window design, titled “Moiré,” creatively combines materials, colors and shapes. The goal was to set the perfect stage for the object of desire.


During Berlin Fashion Week in January 2014, the three will transform the windows of Galeries Lafayette on Französische Straße into the PREMIUM YOUNG TALENTS SHOWCASE, displaying the designs of the three winners of the PREMIUM YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARD Spring/Summer 2014: Franziska Michael (womenswear), Tothem (menswear) and VK Lillie (accessories).



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Last Seasons' Winners


Arbe Kirolak
Maddalen & Jon Joseba Arakama, Legazpi/Spain

The siblings Maddelen and Jon Joseba come from Legazpi, a small village in northern Spain. Maddelen studied architecture there and was employed at two architectural bureaus. Jon Joseba studied electrical engineering and later, over the course of four years, managed two different fashion stores in Bilbao. Today the two of them run the family business Arbe Kirolak, a store for sports fashion. Now they are ready to take on the new challenge of creating an architecture and design bureau together.


Ewen Gur

The German/French artist Ewen Gur was born 1984 in Ambilly (Haute-Savoie) and grew up in the Loire valley. His artistic imagination is strongly influenced by street art and comics. His works feature condensed, clear lines in both their figurative design and in the unusual proportions of the faces and bodies. His fluid but very effective drawing technique lends his figures their special dynamism. His earlier experience as a jazz, funk and rock musician plays a special role in his creative work process.


Frank Dingel & Karsten von Kuczkowski